Amazon Gaming Days Sale: Best and Worst Deals

Let’s start from the gaming laptops, There are four laptops which were showcased for this sale and amazing gave a bit of hint of what the sale price is going to be. So let’s start from the best deal first, Asus TUF R15, sot his laptop launched in inia recently and the launch price of this laptop is a bit higher than it should be for the specs. This laptop comes with Ryzen 5 3550 h processor 8 gigs of RAM 512 GB of NVMe SSD and Radeon Rx 560X GOU with 4GB VRAM. this laptop was priced rs 71,999 currently but the sale price of this laptop is going to be less than 50 thousand which is the best price of this laptop if you can grab one.

Now the second one is the Acer Nitro 1650 GTx which was priced at 79,999 rs but the sale price of this laptop will be less than 60 thousand rs. At this price you are getting, an intel core i5 9th generation processor, 8GB ram, GTX 1650 graphics, and 1TB HD. now this laptop is not a great deal and I won’t recommend you buying this laptop from the sale because you are getting a lot less than the price of the laptop. The display is FHD but no high refresh rate, the GPPU is 1650 and it’s not even a TI version ou are getting an underpowered processor at least for this price range.

now come to the other two laptops which are Lenovo legion and HP pavilion laptop, these laptops are also getting the prie cut but even the sale price is not that impressive as it should be. The laptops are good, you can go for them too but I won’t recommend you buying them at this price, you will get far better options no the Amazon itself.

A next deal that you should stay away from is the gaming desktops, one of them is HP Pavilion and the other one is from MSI. Now both of these laptops are overpriced and you should not consider them at all even if Amazon drops like around 10 thousand. These desktops are way too overpriced for the hardware you are getting. You can build your own custom PC because amazon has a sale on the complements too.

There are a lot of options which should go for when it comes to building your PC, you can go for the AMD Ryzen 7 which is an 8 core processor with 4.1 GHz boost and it comes at only 14,600 which is a great deal. for the graphics card, you can easily grab a 1650 or 1650 ti for under 20,000 if ou wants I will commend you the RX 580 GU for your rig which comes with 8 gigs od VRAM and for the motherboard, you can go for the B450 Aorus by the gigabyte. for storage you can go for Samsung 860 1TB SSD and RAM, you can get the corsair vengeance 8GB stick for under 4000.

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