Aatmanirbhar app has been launched today on the Google Play Store. The Aatmanirbhar app will bring radical independence to Indian consumers by changing the way consumers shop for products online. The app promotes the “Vocal for Local” initiative by the Indian government by adding a portal for local companies to add their company information and promote their Made in India products. Not only this app will benefit the common consumers but also the local businessmen.

The team has been working on this app since last April and finally completed this project and released it on Google Play Store. The
iniquitous activities of the Chinese government against India coupled with the increasing prices of imported commodities drove the Aatmanirbhar team to develop this app to help to remove the crippling dependence of India on foreign countries for different goods and services.

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The Aatmanirbhar app is one of a kind app that provides accurate information about Indian companies and gives them an opportunity to reach out to millions of consumers. We want the Indian consumers to support the Indian businesses not just out of pity, but out of pride. We want to connect the hearts of Indians, this Aatmanirbhar app also tells interesting facts about Indian companies. Some basic features of this app are listed below:

  1. The user can check the country that benefits the most from a company or a product.
  2. The user can check and search for Indian alternatives of foreign companies
  3. This app lets local Indian businesses post about their company or products.
  4. This app also shares interesting facts about Indian companies that the user doesn’t know about.
  5. A user can create a profile in the app so he/she can rate the products used before.

This app is highly moderated and the privacy of users is the top priority of the develoers. Also, quality is also our top priority, so we are continuously working and improving the app and there will be more features that are going to be added in coming releases. The app uses advanced tools like flutter from Google that makes this app safer and solid. The team behind the Atmnirbhar app has now founded the Aatmanirbhar Trust and it includes people like rocket scientists, doctors, lawyers, artists, and app programmers.

To engage the community, the team has made many trailer videos and is sharing an awareness series about Indian companies called the Aatmanirbhar Facts. It took around ten months to create the live version of the app from scratch. The team is a supporter of the Indian armed forces.

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