Apple has released the stable version of the iOS 15 for the supported devices recently. The latest iOS 15 update comes with several new exciting features including Share play, focus mode, live text, and many more. Here we are listing some of the best tips and tricks you should know about if you own a compatible smartphone and have updated it to iOS 15.

10 Best iOS Features, Tips, and Tricks you Should Know About

FaceTime got Upgrades

iOS 15

FaceTime on iOS 15 got a bunch of new features to talk about, you will love to have these features on your iPhone.

  1. Spatial Audio: With the Spatial Audio feature the audio will appear to be coming from the direction the person appears on the Group FaceTime call.
  2. Voice Isolation: A new microphone mode in FaceTime call which uses machine learning to eliminate all background noise and prioritize the user’s voice.
  3. Portrait Mode: In iOS 15 you can have a beautiful bokeh blur in your video calls to blurs the background and keep the focus on you.

These all features can also be used with third-party apps like Zoom and WhatsApp so you can take advantage of these features everywhere. There are many more subtle changes in FaceTime on iOS 15 which will certainly make your video calls much better than before.

Shared with you

iOS 15

In iOS 15 you will see all the media shared with you in messages on the respectful app. Like you will see all the images shared with you in a separate album inside the Photos app. You will be able to find all the music that got shared with you inside the Music app. You can also check out the related message right from that app itself.

Focus Mode

iOS 15

Focus Mode as the name suggests helps the user to reduce distractions from notifications on the iPhone to focus on the task. You can create a custom Focus or even select from the predefined ones. When Focus is activated, a status will automatically be displayed to contacts in messages and more supported apps like Slack. This will let them know that you don’t expect to be disturbed at that time.


iOS 15

Notificaitons on iOS 15 have been redesigned completely, there are larger icons and contact photos so you can identify the notification easily. A notification summary will appear when you have dozens of notifications at a time. Machine learning will arrange the notifications according to the priority.

Live Text

iOS 15

Live Text is a new camera feature in iOS 15 that lets you extract text directly from the camera’s viewfinder. It can identify phone numbers, weblinks, and things like plants, food, and even books. You can extract text from any image, it doesn’t have to be a printed text, you can even extract text from a whiteboard written by anyone.

Spotlight Search

iOS 15

Spotlight Search on Apple devices is a one-stop search for almost everything you need to search on your device. Apple brought the MacOS style spotlight search to iPhones, it can search even the images stored on your phone and now you can use the spotlight search directly from the lock screen of the phone.


iOS 15 comes wtih a new Memories feature in the Photos app which lets you experience your old photos better. It comes with a new and interactive interface and it can now suggest you the best music for particular memories with the Apple Music integration.

An Upgraded Wallet app

iOS 15

The new Wallet app can now let you save more than just credit cards, you can save home, hotel, office, and even car keys in your wallet. Digital car keys get even better with the latest Ultra-Wideband technology so you can lock unlock your phone without even removing the phone from your pocket. When you get closer, the car will know that it’s you and unlock the car for your automatically.

A Whole new Safari Experience

iOS 15

Safari browser on iOS 15 got a new design which makes the controls to be reached easily with one hand. The new tab bar is finally at the bottom of the screen so you can easily open a new tab. You can also switch between tabs by swiping left or right on the address bar. There is also a feature to group tabs so you can organize your opened tabs better.

Wrapping up

These were the latest features you are going to get on the latest iOS 15 updates on your compatible iPhone. These features will make your iPhone experience better in all ways. Know how you can get all these features on your Android smartphone.

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