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Redmi 5 Android 13

How to Install Stock Android 13 on Xiaomi Redmi 5

Redmi 5 from Xiaomi is old by now but developers are keeping it alive. We got to see a PixelOS ROM based on Android 13 available for this smartphone. If you own this smartphone and it’s just eating dust in one of your drawers then

Whatsapp community

How to Create a New WhatsApp Community

WhatsApp’s new community feature got live recently and it’s now available on Android and iOS. This feature lets users add groups and the people within groups can interact with each other in that community. There are a lot more features in the community feature that

live captions on windows 11

How to Use Live Captions on the Windows 11

The live caption was one of the most popular features when it launched on Android 11. You get to add AI-created captions to any media playing on the smartphone which is like magic. Microsoft finally released this same feature on Windows 11 with the update

How to Install Android 13 on OnePlus 5 or 5T

OnePlus smartphones are known for their software support, Oxygen OS is one of the best stock Android OS you get on any smartphone. Lately, something is not going very well with OnePlus and the updates are getting super late for some old smartphones. This situation

How to Install Android 13 on Xiaomi Redmi K20/ Mi 9T

As Xiaomi always does, released Xiaomi Mi 9T smartphone in china and then rebranded it as Redmi K20 globally. These two smartphones may have different names but share the same internals including the processor, display, and even battery sizes. This smartphone was launched back in


How to Install Android 13 on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Android 13 recently got released by Google with a lot of new features and options. This version of Android is basically a fine tuned version of the Android 12 so you may not see some big design changes. There are some design changes but most

Android 13

How to Install Android 13 on Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9 is a flagship device from Xiaomi and it ships with Android 9 pre installed out of the box. It’s obvious that there will be no more updates for this phone but there is still hope. You can install a custom ROM on

Google maps

Save Your Privacy by Disabling Personalised Ads on Google Maps

If you haven’t noticed, Google recently started showing business ads in the Maps app. These ads look like mini square pictures on the map which helps identify some businesses quickly. While this feature helps you, it also shows a link to that business alongside with


How to install VLC Media Player on PC in India

VLC Media player is the most used media player for PC and laptops for enjoying movies and videos. Being open source, there are no ads or subscriptions for using this app. Recently Indian government banned the VLC media player in India. The ban was applied