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How to Install Android 13 Beta on Asus Zenfone 8/Asus 8z

Asus has gotten good at delivering Android updates ever since it started preinstalling its smartphones with stock Android OS. The smartphones come with some of the Asus’ signature features but all of them are just a few customizations in a stock Android interface. Being this generous to us, Asus has released the Android 13 Beta […]

How to Download and Install Android 13 Beta on Realme GT 2 Pro

Android 13 first beta build has been released by Google to a few devices as promised. And after two developer preview builds, I can say that there will be a bunch of changes related to Android 12. Google recommends installing this build for development purposes only so proceed at your own risk. Realme GT 2 […]

How to Install Google Cursive on Chromebook

Cursive is another experiment from Google to make the Chromebooks more useful to the users. Being super simple, Cursive is Google’s answer to OneNote which is already a popular note-taking tool among Windows tablet users. It is a PWA that you can install on your Chromebook and use your stylus to take notes. If you […]

How to Install Bliss OS 15 on your Laptop, Desktop or Virtual Box

Android 12L recently got launched by Google with a bunch of new improvements over the regular Android 12. These changes include UI features that make it adapt to big displays like tablets or laptops. It is also suitable for devices with dual or foldable displays like a Surface duo or Galaxy Fold smartphones. This will […]

How to listen Spotify Music Offline on your Apple Watch

Games are one thing but music is one thing that lets you pass some time while freshening your mood at the same time. And for music on the go, Spotify is a very important app to install whenever you buy a new smartphone. Spotify is trying hard to expand its already expanding userbase by making […]

How to Fix Xiaomi Smartphone Boot loop After MIUI 13 Update

Xiaomi recently released the MIUI 13 update to some selected smartphones with lots of new features. But a lot of users are complaining that their smartphone has been stuck in a boot loop. Some even said that the phone is not recoverable even after factory resetting the smartphone from recovery mode. This is a bit […]

How to Download and Install YouTube Vanced Latest Apk

If you use YouTube Vanced app then this news may have hurt you a little bit about the service is going down. Google is finally shutting down third-party services and the biggest name Vanced finally shutting down its services. If you already have the app installed on your phone then you don’t need to worry […]

How to Install Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy A71 is a good mid-range smartphone with some really good specifications and design. The smartphone comes with a big Super AMOLED display, a powerful processor, a big battery, and a premium design and build. One thing which bothers a lot of people in the software, the software in my opinion is decent but […]