Crucial BX500 SSD
Build and Design
Crucial BX500 is a 2.5 inch SATA SSD from Micron which is one of the biggest manufacturers of storage devices. It is one of the most affordable SATA SSD you can find online or offline, it starts from 120GB capacity and goes all the way up to 2TB. The pricing for the 120GB variant is Rs 1,811 and the 2TB variant is a whopping Rs 23,700 at the time of writing this review.I bought the 240GB variant of the Crucial BX500 because I wanted to replace the boot drive of my old laptop to increase the performance. And as expected the performance almost skyrocketed, also because the laptop was running on a 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive before. The installation was quite easy and straightforward if you ever opened your laptop before for maintenance.

Unboxing, Build, and Design

 Well, there is nothing to talk about the build and design of an internal SSD but let’s begin with the unboxing. The Crucial CX500 SSD comes in a compact box and concealed in a plastic case. The box also includes the installation guide but not the screws so make sure you got the mounting screws for your case’s drive bay.Now, when comes to the build quality, the SSD has a plastic outer casing with branding on both sides. I noticed the main PCB a little loose from the outer casing but the SSD worked fine when connected. Overall the build quality and the design is perfect for the price you are paying.


The Crucial CX500 is advertised to deliver about 540MB/s read and 500MB/s write speed which is good enough for a budget SATA SSD. I ran some benchmarks to confirm the claimed numbers and it came out to be somewhat perfect. The benchmark is not completely accurate as I am currently using the SSD as the main drive on my laptop. And when comes to real-life performance, I get about 100 MBps when moving or copying data to the drive.I didn’t run any games on the SSD for load time performance but I did run some heavy applications from Adobe and they all launched pretty quickly. So, if you are looking for an SSD for your laptop to either extend the storage or give it a performance boost, the Crucial CX500 is a perfect choice.

Wrapping up

The Crucial CX500 is a perfect choice if you are building your new rig and do not care about extreme performance. The price is also not high considering it is coming from a popular brand like Crucial.

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