Windows 11 release is just around the corner and we already got a leaked build that revealed almost everything about the upcoming operating system from Microsoft. There are a lot of new features coming but the biggest change in Windows 11 is the refreshed user interface. The start menu and taskbar got a complete overhaul, you may or may not like the start menu but you’ll definitely like the new taskbar.

The new taskbar in Windows 11 comes with centered icons and there are a few more quick actions on it compares to Windows 10’s taskbar. This is the new design Microsoft is going for and if you like that design then you can easily get that taskbar on Windows 10 right now. Here is a small guide to tell you how to install and set up TaskbarX app on your Windows 10 to get Windows 11 taskbar right now.

How to Install Windows 11 on Virtual Box

Support TaskbarX Developer

If you want to support the developer of the TaskbarX app then you should download and install the Windows Store version of TaskbarX. This is a paid version of the app and also eases out the installation process.

  • Just open Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 and search for TaskbarX.
  • Install the app after paying for it in the store.

How to get Windows 11 Taskbar on Windows 10 right now

  1. Open the browser and navigate to the TaskbarX website.
  2. Scroll down to the download section and download the zip according to your system. If you are confused, download the “neutral” version.
  3. After downloading, extract it and then move that folder to a safe place where you don’t delete it accidentally. You can move it to the “C > Program Files” folder.
    Windows 11
  4. Now double click the TaskbarX.exe to launch TaskbarX and then open the TaskbarX Configurator to configure the settings in the TaskbarX.

TaskbarX Features

  • Change the taskbar background theme and can make it completely transparent. You can go with the blur just like Windows 7.
  • You can change the app opening and closing animation and even change the duration for that animation.
  • Add a delay in the TaskbarX launch after Windows boots.
  • You can change settings for the taskbar on multiple monitors as well.

Wrapping up

This is how you can set up TaskbarX on your Windows 10 and get the Windows 11 style taskbar right now. This supports up to three monitors and can make them look similar on all monitors. If you are stuck on any point, check out the video above or ask us in the comments section below.

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