PayTM made life a lot easier and when UPI launched, it revolutionized how we transfer money to different bank accounts. PayTM has released many features since then and recently released a feature that lets you create a unique UPI number. This is important because your UPI address from the PayTM app contains your mobile number. So when you want to share your UPI ID with someone you don’t want to share the phone number with, you can just share the new unique ID.

This feature helps you a lot if you can’t remember your UPI ID, this custom number will be in your brain all the time so you can quickly share it with someone. You can easily create the unique UPI ID on your PayTM account using these simple steps.

Steps to Create a Private UPI Number on payTM

  1. Update the PayTM app to the latest and launch it.
  2. n the home screen, tap the profile picture to open the hamburger menu.
  3. Go to UPI & Payment Settings > Manage UPI Number.
  4. Tap on Create Private UPI Number.
  5. Enter the desired UPI number which must be 8 to 9 digits.
  6. Finally, tap on Set Private UPI Number.

You can also disable or delete the private UPI number from PayTM by tapping the three dots menu icon and selecting the desired option.

Rules for Selecting a PayTM Private UPI Number

  • The number should have 8 to 9 digits.
  • All digits should not be the same number.
  • The number should not end with three same digits.
  • It should not start with zero and avoid easy-to-remember numbers (like 123456789 or 987654321).

Wrapping Up

Now, whenever you want to share the UPI ID to receive money, you can give the private UPI number instead of the real UPI ID. If you want to read more tips and tricks like this one, then follow us on our social media pages to stay updated with the latest articles.

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