As artificial intelligence (AI) has become more advanced, so has the potential of AI-generated text. This is used in diverse contexts like tweets, articles, and research papers. However, this has also raised concerns regarding the misuse of AI-generated text, which can be used to spread misinformation or propaganda. Fortunately, the internet has its cure. We have free tools available that can help detect whether the text was generated by AI or not. Let us see some of the most effective tools accessible for detecting AI-generated text.

Detect AI Text Using AI Text Classifier

From the creators of ChatGPT, AI Text Classifier is a free online tool created by OpenAi that uses the GPT-3 language model. Simply paste the text to be reviewed into the text box and click the “Detect” button to begin using the tool. The tool then examines the text and returns a confidence score. The score suggests how likely it is that the text was generated by GPT-3.

This tool is free to use and can be accessed by logging into the Open AI website just like you do for the ChatGPT. The tool is very good at detecting the text to be AI-generated or human-generated. We tested it with various AI tools including Bing AI and more, and it detected each one very accurately.

How to Detect AI-Based Bot on Twitter Using Botometer

Botometer is a free online tool developed by the University of Southern California. It was developed for identifying bots on social media sites like Twitter. Botometer, although not used specifically to detect AI-generated text, can still be useful in identifying AI-generated texts or bot accounts. Botometer gives a score indicating how likely a Twitter handle is to use a bot or AI-generated text.


The website is free and very easy to use, you only need to enter the Twitter handle and press Enter. The tool will do its calculations and it will tell you if a Twitter profile is a bot or not. This really helps a lot when you want to verify if a Twitter account is a real person or not.

Detect AI-Generated Text on Android Smartphones

There are several tools to detect AI text on your smartphone. This can come in handy if you are working from your phone and want to see if any given text is AI-Generated or not. This app is free and you can easily download and install it on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store. The tool is called GPT Detector and is available for free to download and install.

Once you install the app, just copy the text you want to test and open the GPT Detector app. Here you will see the paste icon on the right side of the screen in a dock. Tap that paste icon to paste the text here, and click on Detect GPT button to start testing the text. In a matter of seconds, you will get the result to see if the text is actually written by an AI or a human.

Summing Up

As AI-generated text has become common, it is important to be able to distinguish it from the human-written text while ensuring its ethical use. By being aware of the potential for AI technology and staying vigilant, we can help ensure that this technology is used for the greater good. Let us know where you think AI text is useful and where not.

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