Windows 11 is good and all but one thing which I am going to miss from Windows 10 is the live tiles. I really loved the Live tiles concept but Microsoft is clearly killing those live times for a boring start menu with shortcuts. If you love that Live tiles from Windows 10 as I do then here we have a simple trick to get the Windows 10 start menu back on Windows 11 without installing a third-party app.

Windows 11 Developer Preview is out and if you are daily driving it then here is a simple trick to get back the Windows 10 start menu on Windows 11.

How to get Windows 10 Start menu on Windows 11

  1. Open Run command and type “regedit” and press Enter to launch the Registry editor.
    Widnows 11
  2. Delete everything from the address bar and copy-paste the following path and press Enter key:


  3. On the right pane of the Registry Editor, right-click in the empty part and select “DWORD (32-bit) Value”. Set the name as “Start_ShowClassicMode” and press Enter.
  4. Now, double click the “Start_ShowClassicMode” that you just created and change the Value data from “0” to “1”.
  5. Finally, restart your PC to get the settings to take effect.

Once your PC will reboot, you will see the Windows 10 start menu instead of the new Windows 11 one. Now, you can go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and select Taskbar alignment as Left.

Wrapping up

This is how you can get the Windows 10 start menu on Windows 11 without installing any third-party app. If you want to every back to the Windows 11 start menu, just change the value in the DWORD you just created in Registry editor to “0” again.

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