OnePlus smartphones are known for their software support, Oxygen OS is one of the best stock Android OS you get on any smartphone. Lately, something is not going very well with OnePlus and the updates are getting super late for some old smartphones. This situation is giving users no choice but to install a custom ROM on their smartphones to get the latest Android version on their devices.

If you own one of the devices, the OnePlus 5 or the OnePlus 5T, you must know that there are no official updates. There is a custom ROM to give your smartphone a fresh and new look with Android 13 features. Here is the step-by-step guide to help you install the custom ROM on your OnePlus smartphone.


  • Unlock the bootloader of the smartphone and install TWRP custom recovery on it. If you need information about this then check out this bootloader unlock guide for that.
  • This installation process is very easy but risky so if you don’t want to lose your precious data then create a backup beforehand.
  • Charge up your phone to at least 50 percent battery so the battery doesn’t die during the installation.
  • The process and the files provided here are only for OnePlus 5 and 5T smartphones. Trying to install these on any other smartphone may damage the device.

Steps to Install Android 13 on OnePlus 5 and 5T

  1. First, you need to download the Android 13 custom ROM zip package for the OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T.
  2. Now, save the zip file you downloaded to the smartphone’s internal memory. Do not put it inside any folder, keep it in the root directory.
  3. Now turn your phone off completely and turn it back on to the recovery mode.
  4. In recovery mode, select the Backup option first, and confirm it to back up the currently installed ROM.
  5. Once backed up, go back home and select the Wipe option and confirm it to wipe the system memory.
  6. Once wiped, select the Install option this time from the main menu. Then select the Android 13 zip package that you downloaded in step #1.
  7. Confirm the flashing process by swiping right and the installation will begin.
  8. If the installation is successful then you will see a Reboot system button, tap it to reboot the phone in Android 13.

Wrapping up

This custom ROM comes with a stock Android interface with no bloatware at all. If this trick helped you then follow us on our social media pages and keep reading these amazing tips and tricks.

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