VLC Media player is the most used media player for PC and laptops for enjoying movies and videos. Being open source, there are no ads or subscriptions for using this app. Recently Indian government banned the VLC media player in India.

The ban was applied about 2 months ago as a soft ban and during that time an investigation was going on. The investigation was about if the developers of the VLC media player are working with a group of hackers called Cicada which is backed up be Chinese government. Recently Indian government confirmed that the ban is permanent and you cannot access the VLC official website.

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But here we have a trick for you to install the VLC Media player on your PC despite the ban. We are not going to tell you any illegal way to access the website or download the player. We are going to tell you a very legit way to do that so make sure you don’t use any sketchy websites to download the player and end up installing a malware on your PC.

How to install VLC Media player on PC in India

  1.  Open any browser on your PC and navigate to Oldversion website.
    Vlc media player
  2.  On that website search for VLC using the search bar on top.
  3.  Click the VLC Media player in the results and you’ll see s list of the previous versions of the player.
    Vlc media player
  4. Select the most latest one from that list and download it on the next page.
  5. Once the setup file is downloaded, simply install it on your PC by double clicking the setup file.

 Wrapping up

Now you know how to install VLX Media player on your PC in India using a legit trick. Or if you want to download the player on your android device then just install it from Google play store. Follow us on social media for more tricks like this one.

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