The live caption was one of the most popular features when it launched on Android 11. You get to add AI-created captions to any media playing on the smartphone which is like magic. Microsoft finally released this same feature on Windows 11 with the update 22H2.

This live caption works the same way as on Android, it generates captions for all the media playing on Windows 11 PC. Here is an easy way to enable live captions on Windows 11.

Steps to Enable Live Captions on Windows 11

  1. Open Start Menu and click the Settings option.
  2. In Settings, navigate to Accessibility > Captions > enable Live Captions.
    live captions on windows 11
  3. Once you enable that feature, the screen will shift down a bit with a “Download” button on the top, click it.
    live captions on windows 11
  4. The speech will download and once installed, you will see “Ready to caption” text on the top of the screen.
    live captions on windows 11
  5. Now play any video; on a media player or even on any browser and you will see the captions on the top of the screen.
    live captions on windows 11
  6. To make the caption windows float like on Android, click the Setting icon on the caption bar and select Floating on screen under Position.
    live captions on windows 11
  7. Now finally to customize the captions visuals, you can go to the Captions Settings menu and click the Edit button under Caption style.
  8. You can customize the font, colors, background color, and even window color to match your style.

Wrapping up

This is how you can enable the Live captions to feature on Windows 11. Right now, this feature only works for a few languages and I realized it is not very accurate. But sure after some time and learning, the feature will evolve into a very useful feature for people with hearing problems.

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