How to Enhance Audio on Windows 11 to get Better Sound Quality

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Windows 11 is almost here and a lot of people are already using it as a daily driver on their computers. If you are one of them then here we have a really great trick for you to enhance the sound quality on your PC or laptop running Windows 11. This feature is already available on Windows 11 as a built-in option in Settings.

Well, there is no official statement about this feature from Microsoft but if that feature exists then it must be for some reason, there’s no harm in trying it. According to us, it will enhance the sound quality hence the name “Enhance Audio.” Some Redditors stated that this feature is just an improved version of the traditional audio enhancement features available in Windows 10.

This feature is available for individual audio outputs you have plugged in on your computer. There were more features in the Enhancements tab in Windows 10 but they are not available here. Maybe those features will be back in the final version of Windows 11.

How to Enable the Enhance Audio Feature on Windows 11

  1. Open the Start menu and click on Settings in the bottom right corner.
  2. Open the Systems tab and click on the Sound menu.
  3. Click on All sound devices then select Speakers (or any output you have connected to your PC.)
  4. Here you can enable the Enhance audio feature.

You can use the Spatial sound option there too, you can select Windows Sonic there or Dolby access(if you own it.) On that option, you will see an Advanced link, clicking that will open the traditional Windows 10 style sound enhancement features. You can enable disable features there like bass boost, noise reduction, and many more features you used to enable on Windows 10.

Wrapping up

This is how you can enable the Enhance audio option on Windows 11 and get better audio quality on built-in speakers or connected headphones. There are more Windows 11 tips and tricks coming along so make sure to follow SupergeekWeb on social media.

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