How to Download and Install OnePlus 7 Pro Live Wallpapers

OnePlus has launched their flagship smartphone recently with a really impressive hardware and software features. The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a flagship grade hardware and a really feature full yet simple Oxygen OS. The smartphone comes with some new live wallpapers to boast the new 90Hz AMOLED display.

If you are looking for some new live wallpapers on your phone then you are in luck. Some developer on XDADevelopers has ported these live wallpapers to work on any Android smartphone. Follow these simple steps to install the live wallpapers on your phone.

Steps to Install OnePlus 7 Pro’s Live Wallpapers

  1. Download the four apk files and save it on your phone.
    LiveWallpaper 1 | LiveWallpaper 2 | LiveWallpaper 3 | LiveWallpaper 4
  2. Open any file manger app and locate these four apk files.
  3. Install all the four apk files one by one on your Android phone. You need to give apk installation permission to the file manager app to install the apk.
    oneplus 7 pro live wallpapers
  4. Now, go to the live wallpaper picker on your phone. Usually the wallpaper picker can be accessed by a long press on home screen.
  5. You will see four new live wallpapers there, select any one of them and apply as wallpaper.
  6. These wallpapers will be still on lock screen but will animate once you unlock your phone.


OnePlus 7 Pro’s wallpapers are not just a video file transcribed as a live wallpaper apk file. It just plays a video when you unlock your phone and then it stops later. If you want the similar experience as on OnePlus 7 Pro then you have to wait for sometime till some developer port it to behave that way.

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