How to Download and Install Windows 11 Pro on VirtualBox

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Windows 11 has been leaked recently and a build is going around on the internet which is possibly a dev build. This build could be the first build that Microsoft is going to release to the developers in the upcoming event. We got our hands on this build and tried it on our system but to keep our host system healthy, we installed it on a virtual machine.

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If you want to try the Windows 11 build on your own to get first-hand Windows 11 experience then here is a small guide to tell you all about it. You can easily install it only on your PC inside a virtual machine without affecting your host machine.


  • The virtual machine uses the resources of the host machine(your PC) to run the OS. Make sure that your PC checks off the minimum system requirements to run this virtual machine.
  • To get the best performance out of the virtual machine, make sure that you close any heavy tasks running in the background.
  • The screen resolution on the virtual may feel a little weird but that couldn’t be helped because the virtual machine cannot use the complete resources of your host machine.

System Requirements

  • A quad-core CPU
  • At least 8 GB RAM
  • At least 25GB free storage on the drive

Download links

Steps to install Windows 11 Pro on Virtual Box

  1. Download and install Virtual Box software on your PC.
  2. Launch Virtual Box and click the New button.
  3. Type the name of the virtual machine and select Windows 10 64 bit from the drop-down list, click Next.
  4. Select the amount of RAM you want to use(recommended is 4GB) and click Next.
  5. Keep on clicking Next and don’t change anything till you reach the File location and size page. Select 20GB here and click Create.
  6. Once created, click on the Settings button.
  7. In settings, click as shown in the image below and select the Windows 11 iso file you downloaded, then click OK.
  8. Start the Virtual Machine by clicking the Start button in the toolbar.
  9. Once started, click on Start in the popup you see.
  10. The installation process will begin, you can now proceed with the Windows 11 installation.

Wrapping up

This is how you can install the Windows 11 Pro on your PC without affecting the performance of your host machine. This build will not be able to be installed directly on any system or PC. If you find any difficulty in any step, tell us in the comments and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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