How to Install MIUI 11 on Xiaomi Smartphones

MIUI 11 has been launched already by Xiaomi and a bunch of smartphones already got the update already. Still, there are lots of smartphones which are yet to get the MIUI 11 via OTA updates. But if want you can install the MIUI 11 on your Xiaomi phone right now. Here is a step by step instructions to guideĀ  you through the installation process.



  • Even though it is an official manual update, make sure to create a backup of your data first so you won’t lose it.
  • Make sure to charge your phone to more than 60 percent or keep the phone connected to the wall charger the whole time.
  • You will be able to get the future updates and security patches from Google after updating to MIUI 11 using this method.

Download MIUI 11 Package

Go to XDA Developers page and download the update package according to your smartphone. Make sure to download the Recovery ROM from the list as we will be updating the phone using stock recovery. The update package will be over a gigabyte so make sure you are using a WiFI connection to download it.

Steps to Install MIUI 11 on Xiaomi Smartphones

  1. Move the Downloaded package to your phone’s internal memory.
  2. Open settings and go to System Updater, tap on the MIUI logo repeatedly till you see a message.
  3. Now tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner and select “Choose update package“.
  4. Select the update package from the internal memory.
  5. The phone will start to decrypt and install the update on your phone.
  6. Your phone will reboot to install the update and it will boot to the MIUI 11 in no time.


This is a legit official update package so it should not go wrong unless you didn’t follow the precautions. So, now you have the latest version of MIUI installed and running perfectly with all the new features.

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