How to Play PUBG Mobile on 90fps on OnePlus 7 Pro; 90Hz Display

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OnePlus 7 Pro is a gorgeous smartphone and what makes it better is that beautiful 90Hz display. it got near to zero bezels all around the frame of the phone which is the best job any smartphone brand ever done on any smartphone. OnePlus even brought the competition to another level by adding a 90Hz panel.

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As cool it sounds to have a 90Hz display on your phone, there is no way you can consume that type of frame rate. You only will be able to see smoother transitions and animations on your phone and that’s all. There are no games on Google Play Store which can run on more than 60 fps which can be achieved on any Snapdragon 855 smartphone.

Today I am going to tell you a simple trick so you can run PUBG Mobile with high frame rate on OnePlus 7 Pro.


  • You phone should be running the latest version of the PUBG Mobile and the GFX Tool should be updated too.
  • This trick won’t work on the bets version or the Lite version of the PUBG Mobile.
  • Using this app can make your PUBG to malfunction or slow down the game. In that case, you have to uninstall and install the game again.
  • Running game using this tool might affect the battery life of you phone so use it at your own risk.

Steps to run PUBG Mobile on High Frame Rate

  1. Make sure that your PUBG Mobile is updated to the latest version.
  2. Download and Install the GFX Tool app from Google Play Store.
  3. Open the GFX Tool app and select the options just like in the screenshots below.
  4. Now, tap the Run Game button below, it will run an ad. Let the advertisement to end then go back and tap on Run Game button again.
  5. Once the game is loaded, go to Settings > Graphics then select Extreme under Frame Rate setting.


There is no need to run the game from this app from next time, just launch the game from launcher but keep this app installed just in case. You will feel that high frame rate on OnePlus 7 Pro.

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