OnePlus has a reputation for providing updates quickly to their smartphones and supporting them for longer than other brands. The brand has held this reputation by releasing the Android 13 Beta update on the same day as Google Pixel smartphones. This update has been released for only one smartphone model: the OnePlus 10 Pro. This update is now available to download from the official website and install on your supported smartphone.

The installation is pretty straightforward, still, we recommend you to follow the steps by step guide carefully. Also do not forget to read all the precautions as it includes some critical points which may or may not change your mind about installing Android d13 Beta.


  • Android 13 Beta as the name suggests is a beta build for the upcoming Android 13 OS so it is not recommended to install it on your primary device.
  • Once you flash the Android 13 Beta update, all the data stored o the phone will be deleted and you will not be able to recover it again.
  • Some apps may not function even if they are official apps from OnePlus.
  • The Voice recorder and Voice wake function will be work data all.
  • Features including My Files, Shelf, and ORoaming may not work in Android 13 Beta.

Steps to Install Android 13 Beta on OnePlus 10 Pro

  1. Download the Android 13 Beta update package for the OnePlus 10 Pro and move it to the phone.
  2. On phone, open Settings > About device > Version and tap on Build number 7 times to unlock developer options.
  3. Now, go to Settings > About Device > Up to date > tap the top right button > Local Install > select the Android 13 update package > Extract > Upgrade.
  4. Now, wait for the installation to finish then tap on the Restart to reboot the device into Android 13 Beta.
  5. The phone will boot to the Android 13 beta.

Wrapping up

This is how you can install Android 13 Beta on your OnePlus 10 Pro easily. If you find the Android 13 Beta unusable then you can easily go back to the stock Android 12 OS using our easy guide provided on our website. For more tips and tricks about Android, follow us on our social media pages.

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