Android 13 recently got released by Google with a lot of new features and options. This version of Android is basically a fine tuned version of the Android 12 so you may not see some big design changes. There are some design changes but most of them are very subtle and you can easily miss them during daily usage.

But you will sure notice the core changes such as performance bump and some upgraded security features. Enough talking about the Android 13, lets talk about the topic now. So this guide will tell you how you can install stock Android 13 custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Precautions and Prerequisites

  • The smartphone’s bootloader should be unlocked and a custom recovery is needed to install a custom rom.
  • To be on the safe side, create a backup of important data on your smartphone so if anything goes wrong, you wont lose data.
  • Charge your phone enough so it will work for another hour or so. This will make sure it won’t die during the process which may damage the phone.
  • In case of a bootloop or an even bigger problem, reach your nearest geek for the first aid.

How to Install Android 13 on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. Download the LineageOS 20 custom ROM zip package.
  2. Download the Google apps package for this custom ROM.
  3. Move both the zip packages to your internal memory.
  4. Reboot your smartphone to the recovery mode using the Volume up, Home and Power key together.
  5. In recovery, use the Wipe option to wipe off the smartphone and get it ready for ROM installation.
  6. Then use the Install option and flash the LineageOS 20 zip package on your smartphone.
  7. Once the ROM is installed, use the Install option again to install the Google apps package.
  8. Once both the packages got installed, reboot the smartphone to system.

Wrapping up

This is how you can install the LineageOS 20 custom ROM on your smartphone. If you have any queries about the guide, tell us in the comments. And to stay updated with the latest guides like this one, follow us on our social media pages.

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