Android 12L recently got launched by Google with a bunch of new improvements over the regular Android 12. These changes include UI features that make it adapt to big displays like tablets or laptops. It is also suitable for devices with dual or foldable displays like a Surface duo or Galaxy Fold smartphones. This will make it easier to control these Android-powered big screen devices with a keyboard and mouse. 

Team Bliss who is the creator of Bliss OS, recently created a build based on Android 12L and you can try it on your laptop right now. The Bliss OS 15 is based on Android 12L and it is available as a beta build to advanced users. But here we are going to tell you how you can install it on your laptop right now. 

There are two ways to install Android 12L on your laptop; on a virtual machine or a permanent installation. We are listing both the ways here with detailed steps to make it easier for you guys to replicate it on your machine. 

Method 1: Install Android 12L on Virtual Box

Download Links:

Steps to Install Android 12L on Virtual Box 

  1. Download Virtual Box from the above link and install it on your Windows PC.
  2. Download the Bliss OS 15 Beta ISO file and save it on the desktop.
  3. Launch Virtual Box and click on the New button.Android 12L desktop
  4. Give the virtual machine a name, select Linux under Type, select other (64 bit) under Version, and then click Next.
    Android 12L desktop
  5. Select RAM size on this page, select at least 3GB RAM then click Next.
    Android 12L desktop
  6. Click Create button on the next page then clicks the Next button on the next two pages without changing anything.
    Android 12L desktop
  7. On the hard drive size selection page, select 16GB using the slider and click Create.
    Android 12L desktop
  8. The Virtual machine is now created. Select the created machine and click on the Settings button.
    Android 12L desktop
  9. On the settings page check the Enable EFI option under System.
    Android 12L desktop
  10. Under Acceleration, tab select KVM from the drop-down menu.
    Android 12L desktop
  11. Then under the Display section, slide the Video memory slider to 128MB and select VBoxSVGA under the Graphics controller then click OK.

  12. Now, select the created virtual machine and click the Start button.
    Android 12L desktop
  13. Once started, it will ask you for the ISO file to boot from. Click the little folder icon to open the ISO selection popup.
    Android 12L desktop
  14. Here, click on Add button and select the Bliss OS ISO file you downloaded. Then choose the ISO file from the list and click Choose button. Click the Start button on the next popup.
    Android 12L desktop
  15. You will see a bunch of options, scroll to the very bottom and select Advanced options and hit Enter. Here, select the AutoInstall option and hit Enter key.

  16. Then it will ask you to confirm the auto-installation, just select Yes on this page.
    Android 12L desktop
  17. The process is automatic from here and once the installation is done you will see the following options, select Run Android –x86 here.
    Android 12L desktop
  18. The virtual machine will reboot a few times and will finally boot to the Bliss OS.
    Android 12L desktop
  19. From here you can set it up using the OS same as you do on your new Android phone. 

Method 2: Install Android 12L on Laptop via Bootable drive 

This method requires a laptop or desktop with a 64-bit processor and a flash drive with at least 8GB capacity. The flash drive will be formatted so make sure there are no important files on the drive. 

  1. Download Rufus utility from the official website, make sure to download the portable version.
    Android 12L desktop
  2. Insert flash drive to your PC and launch Rufus. 
  3. In Rufus, select your flash drive, then select the Bliss OS ISO (download from the link provided in Method 1) file and click the Start button.
    Android 12L desktop
  4. It may ask for confirmation to wipe the drive, just click OK. 
  5. Now, you have a bootable flash drive, keep it inserted on the laptop and restart it. 
  6. Once the PC reboots, open the boot menu and select the flash drive. 
    • The key for the boot menu is different for a different manufacturers. I am listing the popular manufacturers here and a generic one too. 
    • Acer – F12 
    • Asus- F8, Esc 
    • Dell- F12 
    • HP- Esc 
  7. Lenovo- F8, F10, F12, Fn+F11 
  8. Generic- F12, F8 
  9. The ISO file boot up and you will see the same page as the above method Step 15. 
  10. Then you can follow the same procedure from the above method(Step #15) to install the Bliss OS on your PC. 

Wrapping up 

This is how you can install Android 12L-based Bliss OS 15 on your laptop or desktop. Even though it is possible to install and run it natively on a laptop but we recommend not to install it for daily driving purposes. Once it gets out of Beta, you can use it as a daily driver on your old desktops and laptops. 

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