Yes, I was as surprised as you are when I get to know that you can actually install and use Google Assistant on your Windows 10 PC. But you need to believe it and if you want to try it on your Windows 10 PC then go ahead and follow our step-by-step guide to install it on your Windows PC. The instructions are pretty simple and straightforward so even if you don’t understand a bit in these steps, just keep on imitating those steps on your PC.

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Now, there are absolutely no requirements whatsoever to install Google Assistant on Windows 10 unless you have a PC with an internet connection and a Google account. It is available on almost every desktop OS available whether it’s Windows 10, macOS, Linux, or Ubuntu. You can download it and install it easily on your system but setting it up is a bit of a task so follow the steps carefully.

What it can do and what it can’t?

This Google Assistant is an unofficial build made by some independent developer and it’s a very early project so there are a couple of things that it cannot do which need proper API or installed app for it. So you can do all the normal assistant tasks like asking questions, settings alarms, and reminders. you cannot call, compose mail or even play music.

Steps to install Google Assistant on Windows 10 PC

The steps to install the Google Assistant is pretty simple but the steps to set it up are long one so instead of making it difficult to read every step, I made a video. The video is embedded below so you can follow the instructions without any problem.

Download Link:

Unofficial Assistant Client

Website links:

Actions Console

Google Cloud Platform

Wrapping up

There you go, now you can install and use Google Assistant on your Windows 10 PC without installing any emulator or anything.

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