Apple announced on 11th April that it has begun the production of the iPhone 13 smartphone in India. iPhone 13 got first launched in September last year. The first Apple smartphone to be manufactured in India was the iPhone SE in 2017. Followed by that, Apple started manufacturing the iPhone 11 and 12 in India as well.

This makes the iPhone 13 to be the fourth iteration to be manufactured in India. The phone will be assembled at the Foxconn plant in Sriperumbudur near Chennai. Now, you may be wondering if the price of the phone is going to be lower now that the phone is being assembled in India.

Will iPhone 13 get Cheaper?

The current pricing of the iPhone 13 is Rs 79,000 for the 128GB storage variant. And the price for the 256GB storage and 512Gb variant is Rs 89,000 and Rs 1,09,900 respectively. Now to answer the big question of whether the price of the phone will get any lower? And the answer is simple; maybe not.

Now, let’s explain this answer to you in a bit more words than that-

Apple will definitely be able to save a fraction of the iPhone 13’s price by saving about 20 percent on import duty. But Apple hasn’t talked anything about the pricing of the device at the announcement so it is very unlikely for Apple to lower the price of the smartphone.
Even when the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 started getting assembled started in India, Apple didn’t announce any price cut for those smartphones. But just like previously with iPhone 11 and 12, Apply may partner with some banks to offer some discount on iPhone 13.

One more reason for the price not getting affected by local manufacturing of the smartphone is because the phone is only getting assembled here. No component is getting sourced locally and everything is getting imported which will not bring any significant price cut to the final product.

The last reason is that Foxconn is only going to manufacture a very small number of phones in India. And since the demand is high for Apple smartphones, a large portion of the demand will be fulfilled by imported iPhones.

Wrapping up

To sum everything up, do not expect any significant price change(if any) in the iPhone 13 price after the manufacturing begins in India. But if you are planning to buy iPhone 13 for yourself then if you can, wait a month or two. Apple may bring some amazing offers and deals on smartphones to save you a couple of bucks.

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