MG Air EV is the brand’s second electric car and it may make its debut in India by early 2023. The car is spotted being tested in India recently which may be a sign that MG will showcase this car at Auto Expo 23. This new vehicle is going to be an adapted variant of the Wuling Air EV.

Allegedly, the Air EV by MG is going to make its debut in India through Auro Expo 23. This car is available in other regions as a two-seater and four-seater variant. The battery capacity differs in the two variants of this car; 26.7 kWh and 17.3kWh and can go 300km and 200km respectively on one charge.



The MG Air EV got synthetic leather seats with a floating center console. The brand is providing two front airbags and a rear parking camera as well. It comes with two 10.25 inches displays for driver’s controls.

Wuling is the official sponsor of the G20 summit that is going to be held this month in Bali, Indonesia. The brand has set out 300 compact Air electric vehicles to transport delegates from the participating nations.

If this car debuts in India then it will give strong competition to the brands already selling their electric cars in India.

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