Windows 10 got released back in 2015 and we didn’t get any significant updates since then but that may be changing this month. Windows 11 is more realistic than you think, Satya Nadella has almost confirmed this and a date is set. Microsoft is going to hold an event on June 25th and we may witness a new version of Windows OS together.

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There are no leaks and rumors about the Windows 11 feature however, we curated a list of features that may be coming with Windows 11. We also threw in some of the features we wanted to see in the next version of Windows.

Big Design update in Windows 11

Let’s be honest, we all want this and we will get this in the Windows next major update. But do not expect a complete overhaul of the design like in macOS. There still will be a start menu, a taskbar, and a windows explorer which may look similar. We want to see some consistent and complete design not like what we got in Windows 10 when it got launched.

windows 11

Since Microsoft’s Windows 10X project got trashed, we want Microsoft to add a few of the design and UI elements in Windows 11. I really like the Setup screen design of Windows 10X, it was really easy and simple to understand for a Windows laymen person.

PowerToys Features in Windows 11

PowerToys is a set of experimental features developed by Microsoft to try those features in Windows 10. There are some really great features in PowerToys that can easily increase productivity for Windows users. There were some customization features as well which gives a little something to the Windows OS looks.

windows 11

Some features eventually made it into Windows as an update but some of the most desirable ones still left to be added. One of those features is the Fancy Zones which lets you create customized windows layouts if you use an ultrawide or a big screen monitor. That feature can really come in handy and we really want that to come to Windows 11.

Bring back Desktop Widgets in Windows 11

The live tiles in Windows 8 were supposed to a substitute for the desktop widgets but it lacks one main thing; interaction. The Live Tiles in Windows 10 Start menu has gotten worse, other than News and Weather, no other app’s live tiles work properly.

windows 11

Take an example of the Spotify live tile, when idle, it shows me the latest playlist or radio. And it keeps on showing that even if I play something on that app. And that’s not all, some live tiles updates with the new Windows 10 design while others are still using the same old Windows 8 style. This brings me to my next feature which I want in Windows 11, Consistency.

Consistency throughout the OS

Windows 8 was a big failure and there was only one reason, inconsistency. There were two completely different environments in Windows 8; the Metro and the desktop. Windows 8 got its own metro apps and win32 apps so you have to switch between different environments when you want to switch between apps.

windows 11

And when Windows 8 starts to fail, Microfost just fused those two environments into one and released Windows 10. Microsoft introduced UWP apps and now we got three types of app; UWP, Metro apps, and Win32 apps. This worsened the situation and after 5 years people still facing issues with the UWP apps.

New Game Bar with Desktop Screen Recording

Microsoft has recently added the Game Bar feature in Windows 10 and we finally got something to record the gameplays without installing a third-party app. But it won’t let you record desktop apps, you can only record games and nothing else. I really want Microsoft to add this feature in Windows 11 so we can record the screen, I don’t care if Microsoft adds it as a separate feature.

Wrapping up

These were the features that we expect Microsoft to add in Windows 11. Tell us what do you think about the next version of windows in the comments and what feature so you want to see in Windows 11.

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