Wardwizard Group Collab with Bajaj Allianz to Offer Insurance to Joy e-Bike Customers

Wardwizard Innovation and Mobility Limited have joined hands together to offer electric two-wheeler insurance policies to Joy e-Bike customers. Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility is a big and expanding manufacturer of electric two-wheeled vehicles. Bajaj Allianz is India’s leading private insurance company already providing policies to several other brands.

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This collab between Wardwizard and Bajaj Allianz will be profitable to the customers who have already owned or thinking of buying one. The policy consists of 1+4 year duration where the user will get 1-year coverage for the entire vehicle and the rest 4 years will be TPT (Third Party Insurance). Hence the customer will get 5 years of total TPT coverage on their vehicle.


This insurance includes a cover of 15 lakhs for the customer’s personal insurance and the user will also get RCA(Road Side Assistance) for the first year.

Speaking on this collaboration, My Yatin Gupte, Chairman, and Managing Director, Wardwizard Group said, “We are happy to announce this association. We can now offer our customers more support and make them believe in our products even more. While insurance on electric vehicles in the two-wheeler category are not mandatory in India, the risks associated with them are limited and hence insuring e-bikes is not expensive. The costs outweigh the benefits, and with tie-ups like this between Wardwizard Group and Bajaj Allianz, customers can expect to get some of the best deals in the country.”

Wardwizard started manufacturing electric vehicles under the brand name, Joy e-bike and transforming India’s two-wheeler segment. They entered the market with Nanu E-Scooter Honeybee and Nanu E-Scooter Butterfly, both of them are low-speed models. Now, Joy e-bike is the first-ever electric bike brand to introduce more than 8 EV models including 4 high-speed ones.

To recall, Wardwizard introduced Gen Nxt Nanu e-scooter, Wolf, Monster, Glob, none of which requires license or registration. Then a high-performance offering, E-Monster launched back in the summer of 2020. In 2021, the brand raised the bar by releasing the Joy e-bike supers.

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