Nothing phone is the talk of the year 2022 ever since the brand announced that it’s working on a phone. We all know that the phone is not going to be a regular-looking bar phone with top-end specs and a higher price tag because Nothing brand has its own approach which is different from other smartphone brands. And as the launch gets near for any gadgets the leaks get more real and accurate and this is the same case for the Nothing Phone 1 as well.

Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 Design

This smartphone will change how you guys look at a smartphone or are it? Let’s take a quick look at the brand-released official images of the smartphone. doesn’t it look familiar to a smartphone or should I say an iPhone? those dual-camera design at the back, with flat edges, surely looks and I suppose will feel like an iPhone too. so let’s not go to who copied what, today in this video we are going to talk about the Nothing Phone 1.

Nothing Phone 1

Well, the phone looks gorgeous the design language that Nothing released with the Nothing ear 1 surely reflects in their smartphone too. This phone looks gorgeous in that white color and I can see that the rear panel is completely transparent which shows the internals of the phone. Well, not quite the internals, the part we see in the images is just a cover on the internals of the phone, not actually the internals of the phone. anyways the phone looks gorgeous again and there are a lot of features in the phone that the brand is revealing one by one. Like from recent leaks we got to know that the phone got LEd strips at the back which presumably going to help show notifications and other things about the phone by illuminating those lighting. This is not the first time any smartphone got lighting at the back of the phone, but the implementation of those light strips is brilliant. Now let’s talk about the part which is not yet been revealed, the from of the phone. ANd we can clearly imagine why that hasn’t been revealed yet, of course, because the front is going to be a big display with small bezels and a punch hole for the selfie camera. maybe we can assume that they added an under-display camera but that’s not new either.

Nothing Phone 1 Software

Coming back to the specifications, well those are not going to be very different or surprising, we’ll, of course, see the top-of-the-line processor which is snapdragon 8 gen 1 right now and at least 8 gigs of RAM. The software is one thing that we all are excited about. The brand gave us a small glimpse of the software earlier this year and launched the Nothing launcher from their Nothing OS which is going to be used in the phone. if you want to know more about that launcher or want to download and install it on your phone then check out the easy tutorial for that here.

Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 Availability

One thing about the specification we can say for sure is that this phone got wireless charging which we can clearly see in the leaked images. one thing that got my attention is related to a recently leaked image of the phone, so this image is the one edge of the phone and it says, limited edition 1 of 100. well, this one scares me a lot because maybe, just maybe the phone we are looking at in the officially revealed pictures and leaked videos and images is just a limited edition phone which is the to create a hype about a regular-looking smartphone from Nothing brand. Or it could be a case that the brand is only going to sell only 100 smartphones and call it a day. Well, I don’t like both odds because unlike those big tech YouTubers and reviewers, I wanted to get my hands on this phone by buying a retail unit but that limited edition really scares me.

so that’s all for the nothing phone 1 and now you tell me what you guys think of this smartphone will you buy it if the price tag will be over 50 thousand rupees?

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