Oppo Band style
Design and Build

Oppo Band Style is the first fitness band made by Oppo and released in India. This band is one of all those affordable fitness bands that flood the Indian market. These bands range from Rs 2000 and all of them look and feel pretty much similar to one another. But in this homogenous fitness band market, Oppo came up with a fresh new brand that brings something new and fresh to the table. Does the Oppo Band Style come with some cool design features that may lure you to buy it but are all these features worth it? We are going to find that in our in-depth review of the Oppo band Style.

Unboxing: Surprise! Surprise!

Oppo Band Style

Yes, opening the box of the Band Style does not give you all the regular things that you expect. You get the manual and safety guide on the top, then you find the band resting in the top half of the box. Then on the bottom half, you find a strap for the band and the clip-on charger. Yes, you get two straps with the band inside the box which is never done before, I’ve seen it on some smartwatches before but never on a fitness band once. The only disappointing thing for me is the clip-on charger, I expected a magnetic one but there are very less brands providing magnetic chargers so we can let this one slide.

Design and Build Quality: Premium

Oppo Band style comes with a regular design on the actual band unit, you get a glass top and polycarbonate housing. You get Oppo branding on the face below the screen and there’s no capacitive button so it looks so much clean from the top. The bottom of the unit is all glossy plastic and has all the necessary sensors and ports. The band is also super lightweight and you get 5ATM water resistance so this band so you can wear it in the pool.

Oppo Band Style


The strap that you get pre-applied to the band is super stylish and feels premium at the same time. The part that holds the band unit is kind of a ring with a chrome finish and looks super stylish. The straps are made from rubber material and are soft, also feel really good on the skin when you wear the band with this strap. The buckle mechanism is similar to what everyone is providing and it can fit on almost every wrist easily.

The other strap you are getting inside the box is made of TPU material and is perfect when you want to work out so the band won’t move on the wrist too much. This strap is not as smooth as the style one but really, it is not supposed to be like that at first. To change the strap, you just have to push the band unit the opposite way and it just pops out of the strap. Then you can easily push it back into the desired strap from the bottom side.

Display: The best

Oppo used the best display technology we have at hand right now; AMOLED. The Band Style comes with 1.1 inches AMOLED display which has 2.5D curved glass to make it resilient to scratches. Despite the size of the display, it got some really good pixel density making the content looks super crisp on it. The glass top also makes the band easier to use as it got curved edges and it catches fewer smudges.

Oppo Band Style

When comes to visibility, the display gets super bright at the 100 percent brightness and it feels super bright when you are not under direct sunlight. I kept the band at 60 percent brightness and it served me pretty well in all types of usage; indoors and even outdoors during workouts. Overall the display is the best you can get on any fitness band right now, I’ve seen OLED displays on bands before but you can see pixels in those days but not here.

User Interface and App: Needs Improvements

The user interface of the band really threw me off the “best band” track. it’s not like Oppo left any feature in the band but the implementation of those features in the user interface is not the best. The horizontal swipe changes the watch face which is very uncalled for because it is very likely to accidentally swipe on your band and change the watch face. Oppo should have completely moved that feature to the app in my opinion because people do not change watch faces on fitness bands more often.

Oppo Band Style

The vertical swipe enters the menu and from there you can find all other features of the band which is ok but there are some important features that are hidden inside as a sub-menu. For instance, the music control and camera shutter features are available under a menu category. These features should be available at a swipe away which is not. When you tap on the watch face, you get very little information about your health. This should also be changed a bit because the fitness band should show more than what’s available here.

When comes to the app, it is very easy and clean with only three tabs at the bottom; Health, Fitness and Manage. The Health page is the main page and shows a lot of information about your workout and health. You can get into details and check out numbers on a calendar as well for comparison. Under the Fitness tab, you can map your running or walking track on an actual map. The manage tab is all about managing your device including adding, removing, and doing more things with your device. You can also change and customize your watch faces, BTW you can customize watch faces with your own custom image which is pretty cool.

Performance: How Accurate are Sensors?

Sensor accuracy is one thing that everyone is concerned about and to be very honest, recently the sensors on smart bands are getting really good and can get really close to those “in-expensive” health equipment. Oppo Band Style is also not very different from other bands and I found the sensor’s accuracy pretty much similar to theirs. To list the sensors, the Band Style got three sensors; a 3-axis acceleration sensor, an optical heart rate sensor, and an optical SpO2 sensor.

Oppo Band Style


The sensors seem to be working pretty well, there are some hit and miss but overall I found every sensor working just fine. The only concern that I have with the band is that the fitness data shown on the band is very limited. Other than that, overall the band is pretty good in performance and never did I ever in my usage find any feature that I crave in this band. The smartphone synchronization is pretty quick and fast too, you get all the information on your phone in real-time too.

Oppo Band Style

Battery Performance: The band comes with a 100 mAh battery which is sufficient for a smart fitness band like this one. I used this band with minimal usage without any continuous tracking feature enabled and the band stands on its claim pretty well. If you are a fitness freak and always find yourself working out then you may not be able to get the claimed battery life out of this band.

Wrapping up

The Oppo Band Style is a complete package with a fresh new design to stand out among all other fitness bands that are available in the market. If you got Rs 2500 and looking for a fitness band to buy for yourself then you can easily go for this fitness band.

You can also check out our video review for Oppo Band Style to get an in-depth review of this fitness band.


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