Nothing Phone 1 is getting a lot of hype on social media and news, all because of its unique approach to modern smartphones. Recently there’s been a lot of leaks and rumors flooding the news with new images, videos, and random data getting us excited more than we already are. The smartphone officially going to be launched on July 12 and then will be the day you will get to know everything about the Nothing Phone 1.

nothing phone 1

Well, if you want to know everything about the Nothing Phone 1 right now then check out our editorial post about it. If you haven’t heard about it yet then allow me to tell you that the first 100 units of the smartphone are going to be auctioned and can only be bought by placing bids on it. This is the same type of auction which we usually see on eBay product listings and works the same way as well.

Nothing Phone 1 Auction Schedule

Nothing Phone 1 will be auctioned on the StockX website where you can bid to participate in the auction. The auction will start at 9:00 AM ET or 6:30 IST on 21st June. Make sure that maybe or maybe not the phone will get revealed during this auction because the actual launch of the phone is scheduled for the 12th of July. Now, check out how you can participate in this auction and how you can increase your chances to get your bid selected.

How to participate in Nothing Phone 1 Auction

  1. Open the StockX website or install the StockX app on your smartphone.
  2. Login or signup using your email ID of Google account to create your profile on the website.
  3. Once, done wait for the day of the action to arrive.
  4. Click here (coming soon) to go to the auction page of Nothing Phone 1.
  5. Enter your bid and confirm to participate in the auction.
  6. You don’t need to hurry up or anything because the winner won’t be selected according to speed.
  7. The auction will be open for two days straight but you can only bid once and just wait for the results.
  8. The top 100 bids will be selected and you will get notified on the website or the app if your bid got selected.
  9. If you get selected, only then you will be charged for the bided amount.
  10. The delivery will take up to 35 days to reach you.

Wrapping up

This is how you can participate in the Nothing Phone 1 auction and reserve yourself the possible phone of the year 2022. Follow us on social media pages for the latest news, leaks, and rumors about the Nothing Phone 1.

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