Are you a bibliophile who enjoys modern technology? Have you tried an ebook, one of the best gadgets for book lovers? In the world of literature, the ebook signifies a revolution. It’s an electronic device that’s built specifically for reading e-books and periodicals. With an e-reader, you can take your entire library with you everywhere you go! At present, many websites help you to read books but one needs to pay a heavy amount. To help solve this problem,, an online ebook platform lets you read books free of cost. This platform makes sure that you get access to all the books without paying any charges.

Due to digitalization, readers choose to read books on their devices rather than buy them. According to research, the global E-Book Reader Market was anticipated to be worth USD 38.17 billion by 2026, up from USD 30.69 billion in 2020. From 2021 to 2026, the global E-Book Reader Market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 3.7 percent. Such platforms are one of the areas where money is being invested, and this will raise the market value of e-book readers sooner or later., which caters to the same, now has over 5000 free ebooks and will have more than 2000-3000 free ebooks shortly.

Tinkerfeed platform is not limited to a single language, but rather includes works in a variety of languages for a wide range of users. It includes books from a variety of genres, including novels, short tales, poetry, self-help, life-guiding, and coaching books, among others. Because people are so interested in reading ebooks, the number of readers in India is predicted to reach 105.0 million by 2026.

Talking about the brand, the Founder of says, “Over the years I have seen that people had to pay huge amounts of money to read books online. To solve this problem I came up with a concept where readers could get free access while the writers could upload their books to reach the audience in a short period. As the e-book market is increasing at a significant rate, I feel that in the future we will have a plethora of readers on our platform. Our team aim at providing books that can be of great use to people. ”

Being a growing platform, currently, the portal is open for only selected users but in near future, one could sign up easily. This will give access to all the masses who are fond of reading books but hesitate to take subscriptions due to hefty charges. Emerging as a leading online book platform, has surely a long way in the industry.

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