If you haven’t noticed, Google recently started showing business ads in the Maps app. These ads look like mini square pictures on the map which helps identify some businesses quickly. While this feature helps you, it also shows a link to that business alongside with the information when you tap them.

These ads use your device’s data to show you personalised ads according to your interests. These ads are annoying for one more reason, when you tap on these ads it shows a card with information about that business or store. But with that information, you also see a rectangular ad on top of that info card. This ad takes a big chunk of visible map below it so now you have an even smaller map to work with.

Should you disable them?

Well, this question depends on what kind of person you are and how precious your privacy is to you. If you like more information to be catered even if it comes at a price, the price being your privacy, then you can leave this feature on.

But if you keep your privacy at top priority and you want Google to stop using your data to show you these ads then you should disable it right away. And if you agree with me on that user interface thing then here we have a simple guide to help you disable these ads on Maps on your smartphone.

How to Disable Personalised Ads on Google Maps

  1. On your Android phone, go to Settings > Google.
  2. Scroll this page to find “Personalise using shared data” and tap on it?
    Google maps
  3. There you will find a list of apps, disable the ”Maps” toggle.
  4. Close the Settings and clear the cache for the Maps app.
  5. Now, all the ads will be removed from the app.

Will it affect your Maps experience?

By disabling this setting, you are stopping Google from using your device data for ads. Now, you can enjoy your piece of mind and a cleaner Maps user interface with no small square ads. If you want, you can disable more app toggles from that setting. But make sure that by disabling this setting for other apps may not remove ads from those apps.

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