Inflation is an undeniable truth of the real world. Something an individual can buy with $1 today might be worth over $10 or $100 in the coming years. Many predicted hyperinflation in the US, which is rare in developed countries. The spectacle became clearer when the US experienced 7.5% inflation in December 2021, an all-time high in the last 40 years.

Commonly, inflation remains at 2-5% a year. On the contrary, hyperinflation can be over 100% in a year. Many types of research show that hyperinflation can cause aggressive recession even more than it did in 2008. Prices could be soon seen skyrocketing, and fiat might get dethroned and devalued.

So, now the question arises, how can individuals protect themselves from hyperinflation?

Gold and silver seem to be an attested option of investing in the time of hyperinflation. When fiat money doesn’t have the confidence of people, they look for stores of valuable assets such as gold and silver. And that leads to the increasing value of these assets. Commodities also work well because they have a fixed supply. FDs, bonds, and saving accounts can also be considered as no-risk investments but might face a crash due to fiat currency going through hyperinflation.

An alternative model that one could utilize to safeguard them from the effects of hyperinflation is Secvolt. This quant-based investment management system securely provides complete protection against inflation. Secvolt has generated an annual yield in the range of 26-42% with a fixed system. The brand caters to its customers with ‘No risk and No management fees. They also let investors not lock in their funds and provide a safe space for crypto investments.

With Secvolt, people can now enjoy the upside of the crypto market and also be protected from the risk side of cryptocurrency investments. Talking about the essence of a safe investing environment, Divakar Choudhary, CEO of Secvolt said, “Most people invest money based on their intuitions or experiences. They don’t have tools to protect themselves against market risks and inflation. We at Secvolt use advanced quant mechanisms strictly adhering to mathematical and statistical methods to remove market risks and produce exceptional returns. We are building the future of investment using decentralization and AI.”

In terms of protection from hyperinflation, Secvolt is completely secured, insured, and transparent. For a great investment, Secvolt could be the best alternative. Next time, whenever you hear the word recession or hyperinflation, you would know exactly where your portfolio is safe.
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