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How to Enable Taskbar Drag and Drop on Windows 11

Windows 11 is all good and all but there are some small things that Microsoft skipped from Windows 10 that are important and useful. A few of these things are right-click the context menu on the taskbar and drag-drop files on the taskbar. These two features may feel like small changes but they made a […]

How to Download Windows 11 Beta ISO file from Microsoft

Microsoft has finally made their Windows 11 iso files official on their official inside the website. Now users can easily download and install the iso file and try Windows 11 for themselves before the final launch. You can download any version of Windows 11 from the website whether its the Beta or Dev preview edition. […]

Best Laptops Under Rs 60000 with Windows 11 in 2021

Windows 11 got unveiled recently and there’s been a lot of ruckuses about the compatibility on PC currently running Windows 10. If you are looking to buy a new laptop and are confused about which one to buy so you won’t miss the Windows 11 update? Then here we curated a list of laptops that […]

How to Get Windows 10 Start Menu Back on Windows 11

Windows 11 is good and all but one thing which I am going to miss from Windows 10 is the live tiles. I really loved the Live tiles concept but Microsoft is clearly killing those live times for a boring start menu with shortcuts. If you love that Live tiles from Windows 10 as I […]

How to Make Taskbar Transparent in Windows 11

Windows 11 dev preview has been released and one of the biggest changes we saw on Windows 11 is the taskbar. The icons on the taskbar in Windows 11 are centered including the Start button as well. The taskbar is opaque and there is very little customization to do except for colors. While this looks […]

How to Check if your PC can run Windows 11

Microsoft has announced Windows 11 and while the leaks were pretty accurate, we got to know a lot more about the upcoming version of Windows. Windows 11 is basically a more productive version of WIndows, Micorost has focused more on productivity than any other thing in Windows 11. Microsoft has simplified a lot of things […]