The exciting wave of entrepreneurship in India has made the local business owners extremely ambitious and competitive today. Just like the big conglomerates, small businesses aim to expand rapidly and turn their local businesses into national brands. However, it is not easy since a lot of digital marketing is required to achieve that in today’s world. Additionally, it is an expensive affair and small business ventures don’t have so much capital to invest in digital ads. But fret not, for here are 5 ways through which the local businesses could adopt the digital route without having to shell out tons of money.

Create your social media accounts

First and foremost, establishing the internet identity of your business is of paramount importance. Modern consumers jump on the internet to look for services and products near them. Hence, you need to make sure that when they search for something, your business or company is listed on the internet for them to see. It also extends digital credibility to your business. The most prominent channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube where you could set up your accounts for free. Make sure to add all the details related to the company like the location, address, contact information (phone number and email), and catalogs/menus (if applicable).

Create a website to showcase your products/services

Having completed the first and easy step, having your own website is the next most crucial step in this journey. A website helps you in showcasing every aspect of your business, products, and services in a detailed and thorough manner according to your desires. It represents your personal touch and attributes with which the customers could relate. You have to think from the perspective of the customers. They must feel persuaded and compelled to buy something once they land on your website. Therefore, presentation is everything. Make sure all your products are featured on the website along with all their merits.

Get listed on Local search engines like Finndit

Once your credentials are established from your end, you should approach professional local business listing websites or search engines like Finndit. It is a platform where lakhs of local businesses have been listed already. Once your business becomes a part of such an ecosystem where thousands of users come looking for various products and services, your business is bound to get increased traffic. It has an App for smartphones and a website that attracts a ton of local consumers every day. You will experience a sudden surge in your business once people start finding you on such local search engines as Finndit.

Run ad campaigns on social media and google

Google and other social media platforms are the easiest and, for the most part, the most effective ways to advertise your business on the internet. You might have seen the search-based ads that are displayed as the first few links on Google when you search for something. That is a part of google ads. Additionally, whenever you open a webpage, there are ads that pop up or are shown at various parts of that page. Those are the advertisements that are a part of an ad campaign run by various businesses. These are based on your search history or preference. That is a great cost-effective way to appear on the pages on the internet that have a massive influx of regular visitors.

Collaborate with influencers for barter deals

Now, this is a bit of a modern way of digital marketing but such collaborations could give you rapid results. Essentially, it refers to approaching social media influencers (people who have lakhs of followers on their social media handles). They have the power to reach so many people in a blink of an eye. However, it is also expensive to hire them to promote your products, services, or content. Hence, a barter deal involves you offering your product/service to them and in return, they mention you/your business on their social media posts. In this way, both of the parties are getting benefitted at the same time.

These are the 5 most effective and common ways for local businesses and small ventures to go digital to expand their business and reach.

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