Since TikTok got banned in some countries, everyone including YouTube is trying its luck in a short video share platform. YouTube calls it Shorts and it is in beta for quite a while now. And since it is a Google project it is supposed to work a little flawed. Google made a separate tab for Shorts in the YouTube app but some users cannot see it on their app.

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If you are facing a similar issue then here are some simple fixes for the issue to solve immediately. There are some possible reasons for the Shorts tab not showing on your YouTube app, we are listing the most relevant ones to fix it up. Try these three solutions to make the Shorts tab appear on your YouTube app.

Make sure that the app is updated

This is a very obvious thing but it is the most ignored thing as well, you should make sure that the app is updated to the latest version. To make sure if the app is updated to the latest version, open the Google Play Store app and navigate to the My games and app section. The apps that needed an update will be listed there, tap the update button to update all the apps including YouTube.

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Once updated, you will be able to see the Shorts tab in the app’s bottom bar. If you are still unable to access shorts then move onto the next solution below.

Try resetting the YouTube app

Sometimes cache build-up also keeps apps adopting the new features and stays in the old user interface even after updating them. So you should try to reset the app from the settings, don’t worry your recommendations will be intact unless you are using the app signed in with your Google Account.

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To reset the app, you need to clear the data of the YouTube app on the App info page. To access the App info page, tap and hold the YouTube icon and select the (i) icon in the popup menu. In the App info page tap Storage & cache > Clear storage > tap OK on the pop-up. Now open the app, if you are still unable to access Shorts then move to the third solution.

Use a VPN to access YouTube Shorts in your Country

YouTube Shorts feature is still in the beta version and not available globally to all the countries. So there may be a chance that your region falls in the category where YouTube Shorts is not available right now. To access YouTube Shorts in your region, you need a VPN app to trick the app to think you are in a supported country.

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Just download a VPN app from Google Play Store, there’s no need to buy a subscription any free VPN app will do. Just select the US server from the list and then open the YouTube app and most probably you will see the Shorts feature this time.


This is how you can fix the Shorts feature not showing up in the YouTube app

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